Photographs of your wedding are one of the things you will pull out and reminisce with for years.  When the flowers and cake are gone, we can capture your day as it unfolds.  We go beyond lining up with the family and try to bring some classic elegance and modern stylings to make the memories of your day pop.

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Portraits can range from thematic to traditional to something wilder.  We can accommodate your vision in a way that makes you feel good about the results.  We collaborate with our clients to really push for what an image can be.

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Events/Special Projects

Weddings are not the only events.  Need someone for that special birthday, anniversary, sprting event, conference? You can be part of the event instead of focusing on photos.  Let us use our expertise to tailor something special that will give you the memories and documetation of the event.

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Many People Have Cameras

What makes me special?  Passion.  I don't do this to stay busy or make money on the side.  I have a passion for the craft of photography.  Being trusted to capture part of someone's special day or a shared vision makes me feel alive.  Seeing the smiles on someone's face when I can share the images for the first time and watch them reliving the day makes it worth it.

I have been into photography for many years.  When I finally decided, "Hey, I could do so much more if I worked with other people" my vision of photography changed.  This is not just about me, it's about making the experience a shared collaborative vision.  Communication is the key to good project success.


Next Steps...

Let's talk.  What's your vision?  What's your goal?  Let see if you and I can find a way to make your vision happen.